Fastlane project

[ January 14 2020 ]   Delta Diagnostics is one of 15 high-potential companies selected by The Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO for its RVO Fastlane project and as part of this project receives support in the form of specialized advice from RVO in various strategic… Read More »Fastlane project


[ November 17 2019 ] Delta Diagnostics presents one of its early prototype analysers at the Teknowledgy – NWO Innovation Festival fare .

SME instrument phase 1 granted

[ March 27 2019 ] Delta Diagnostics has been granted the SME instrument phase 1 subsidy to further develop its business case focussing on point-of-care diagnostics.

NWO take off loan

[ December 31 2018 ]  Delta Diagnostics is granted the NWO take-off loan to develop prototypes and prove the performance of its biosensing technology for various applications

NWO Take off phase 1 granted

[ January 14 2018 ] Delta Diagnostics receives the NWO take-off phase 1 subsidy to perform a feasibility study in which it is able to develop its business case.