MIT R&D grant

[ February 2 2022 ] Delta Diagnostics, together with project partner SensUR Health, obtained a MIT R&D grant from the Provincie Zuid-Holland for the development of a Chronic Kidney Disease test. This development will rely on a combination of the photonic biosensor technology of Delta… Read More »MIT R&D grant

Instrument delivered to AUMC

[ July 20 2021 ] Delta Diagnostics delivers a prototype R&D instrument to the Amsterdam University Medical Center, where the system will be used in the NWO-funded project “Profiling information using the chemical signature of a fingermark” in collaboration with the NFI, the National Police,… Read More »Instrument delivered to AUMC

Proto instrument delivered

[ June 5 2021 ] Delta Delivers an instrument to the department Smart Sensor Systems of the Haagse Hogeschool. The Instrument will be used for the development of assays for various applications by both Physics students and Process and Food Technology students. Read more

First prototype delivered

[ May 28 2021 ] Delta Diagnostics delivered its first prototype R&D instrument to the NanoBio Research Group of  Saxion Hogeschool. The instrument will among others be used in projects aimed to detect SARS-CoV-2 antigens and to detect residues of several types of antibiotics in… Read More »First prototype delivered


[ June 9 2020 ] Delta Diagnostics shows how its platform enabled the rapid development of a serological test for COVID-19 antibodies. The test was able to detect corona antibodies in patient samples in a matter of minutes, where a clinical lab would take hours… Read More »COVID-19

Biomarkers in interstitial fluid

[ April 7 2021 ] Biotech company ImcoMET ( selects Delta Diagnostics’ instrument to measure biomarkers in interstitial fluid.


[ January 13 2021 ] Delta Diagnostics is present at the all-virtual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas to showcase its innovative biosensing technololgy.


[ April 9 2020 ]   Proof of concept fund UNIIQ invests in Delta Diagnostics, enabling the further development and validation of its innovative platform.

Innovation for Health 2020

[ February 14 2020 ]   Delta Diagnostics presents its first prototype of a portable lunchbox-sized analyser for point-of-care testing on the Innovation For Health 2020 in Rotterdam.