The company

Delta Diagnostics was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from TNO – The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. It commercializes the patented biosensor technology that has been developed at the Optics department of TNO.

We believe that the availability of our rapid, sensitive and low-cost biosensors and instruments will lead to new point-of-care diagnostic tests that will rely on the accurate concentration measurement of a panel of biomarkers within minutes.

Since its founding, the company has grown steadily towards the highly-experienced and well-balanced team this is currently involved. During this time, it has worked hard to perfect its biosensing technology and prepare for the launch of its first product.

Delta Diagnostics primarily focusses on the realization of its diagnostic test development platform and will partner with test developers to co-develop specific diagnostic tests. If you are interested to work with us please do not hesitate to contact us at

The team

Marcel van Kasteel MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Marcel van Kasteel has over 30 years of experience in the Diagnostics Market. He held senior management positions, advisory and business development roles in the Diagnostic Market. He is founder and owner of Van Kasteel Business Accelerator B.V. to support start-up and large IVD companies in growing businesses in Europe and USA. He was Vice- President Europe Middle East & Africa at Beckman Coulter , based in Switzerland and CEO of Philips Handheld Diagnostics in Eindhoven and responsible for the development and launch of the POCT MiniCare system in Europe.

Bart de Boer, MSc, Chief Technology Officer

Bart de Boer obtained his masters in Electrical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He started his career as a Scientist at Philips Research where was involved in, among others, magneto-resistive biosensors. After 10 years at Philips, he joined the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research – TNO, where he was active as System Architect and Project Manager in the area of integrated optical biosensors. In 2018 he founded Delta Diagnostics to commercialize the biosensing technology he developed at TNO, together with Peter Harmsma. Bart has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of biosensing and biomedical sensor systems and hold over 40 patents.

Luc Schmitt, MSc, Chief Financial Officer

Luc Schmitt obtained his masters (Msc/LLM) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is a seasoned finance professional with a background in corporate banking and solid track record in venture financing. His key expertise includes capital related topics such as fundraising, financial modelling. valuation and M&A. Currently, he is active as an acting CFO within the biotech sector.

Ronald Vos, Senior Director Business Development

Ronald Vos has over 30 years of experience in life sciences and diagnostics. As an analytical chemist by training, he held many sales, sales management and business development positions at companies like Luminex, Millipore and Thermo Fisher. Later on in his career he supported start-ups like Mycartis and the Clinical Genomics group within SeraCare. Since 2019 he supports starting organizations in LSR and DX business development projects ranging from individual sales to distribution management to OEM projects. During the years he travelled intensively throughout Europe, US, the Middle East, Africa and India and with his multicultural knowledge can perfectly support territorial expansion.


Peter Harmsma, PhD, Manager Product Development

Peter Harmsma has been lead Sr. Scientist on integrated optics at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research – TNO for over 10 years. He holds a PhD in integrated optics, and was co-founder of the start-up company ThreeFive Photonics (Delft, 2000). This company commercialized the integrated optics technology developed at the Delft University of Technology for telecom applications. Peter is specialized in the design of integrated photonics chips, and in test and measurement strategies. He has an extensive network in the European (integrated) optics community, and has played an important role in several integrated photonics-related European projects. Together with Bart, Peter developed the technology that Delta Diagnostics commercializes within the Optic department of TNO.

Corné van den Kieboom, PhD, Lead Assay Developer

Corné van den Kieboom has over 10 years of experience in assay development for molecular diagnostics. He obtained his PhD on novel diagnostic techniques and biomarker discovery at the Radboud University Medical Centre. After his PhD, he worked at Innosieve Diagnostics as lead assay developer and was responsible for test kit production scale-up. Currently, Corné focusses on bridging the gap between clinic and diagnostics developers. Early 2018, he founded The contract R&D and consultancy company “Inventin”. Over the years, Corné collaborated with many innovative players in the field of platform development, e.g. NXP Semiconductors, IMEC, Biocartis and BiosparQ.

Ruben van Harmelen, MSc, Product Application Specialist

Ruben van Harmelen obtained his masters in Biomedical Engineering at the Univeristy of Groningen. As Product Application Specialist, he is able to combine his in-depth knowledge of biology, engineering and product development and manages the assembly and deployability of Delta Diagnostics’ instruments. Ruben also delivers technical support to our customers.

Vanessa Jungbluth, PhD, Assay Developer

Vanessa Jungbluth is a young researcher with more than 5 years of experience in the multi-disciplinary field of biosensors. She started her career at Philips Healthcare and the Austrian Institute of Technology, where she worked on optical biosensing for fast and reliable diagnosis of various medical conditions. As a MSCA fellow, she recently obtained her PhD degree in non-invasive cancer detection using plasmonic biosensing at the University of Catania in the framework of an H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017 funded project. Currently, Vanessa is working as assay developer for Delta Diagnostics, interacting with customers and partners, and expediting international collaborations.