A platform for rapid and low-cost development of diagnostic tests

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Delta Diagnostics

Point-of-care diagnostic testing in many cases results in earlier diagnosis and therefore more effective treatment. Delta Diagnostics envisions a world in which new multiplexed and sensitive point-of-care tests can be developed rapidly and at low cost. By developing the technology enabling this, Delta Diagnostics contributes to reduced healthcare expenditure and better patient outcome.


Our biosensing technology is based on Photonic Integrated Circuits, or optical chips. These chips allow label-free, highly-multiplexed detection of biomarkers in small samples in a matter of minutes. The combination of these characteristics makes the technology ideally suited for point-of-care diagnostics. 



Bart de Boer
Chief Technology Officer

Marcel van Kasteel
Chief Executive Officer

Luc Schmitt
Chief Financial Officer

Ronald Vos
Senior Director Business Development

Peter Harmsma
Manager Product Development

Corné van den Kieboom
Assay Developer

Ruben van Harmelen
Product Application Specialist